Thank you

As of April 3rd, 2018. BobDev has now officially shutdown.

The reason for shutting down BobDev is because I've decided (Bob) to move on and focus on a new project called GitCities.

Feel free to check out the new project called "GitCities". Please note GitCities isn't related to BobDev in any form.

You can visit the website at GitCities (It works on Internet Explorer 3.0 and even good old classic Netscape!)

If you have any questions, feel free to dm to Big Bob#1488 on discord


What was BobDev

BobDev was a development team that was formed in Mid-2016.

What is GitCities?

GitCities is simply just for fun, basically it's completely hosted with GitHub Pages and of course have it 90s looking.

FAQs for BobDev members

What is going to happen to the BobDev VPS?

If you still have access to the BobDev VPS, don't worry. It will be kept online, there's no plans to shut it down yet until further notice. You'll be notified when the VPS will shutdown. I highly recommend you to buy a vps from somewhere else like OVH or Amazon Web Services if you want a vps of your own that you have full control of.

What about the other BobDev projects? What's going to happen to them?

They some of the BobDev projects "may" go open source on GitHub in the future for anyone who wants to maintain them, except for other projects like Bot Pony since it's owned by someone else.

Will this affect any other "Bob Pony" services such as Bob Pony Network?

There's no plans that will affect any services at this time.

Can I join GitCities?

Sure, go right ahead! Click here to join the Discord server.

Thank you anyone reading this once again for the 2 years of BobDev, hope to look forward to seeing you in GitCities.